These are some of the books that inspired my to start writing Thrillers.

Like most kids, I loved reading Enid Blyton's Famous Five books.

I also liked the ‘Mystery' series, there were fewer of them but the plots were more complex.

Agaton Sax is not well known, but these books were all about cartoon crooks and codes.

And the Puzzlers for Young Detectives book was where I went to find out more about crime scene investigations in the days before the internet 🙂

I'd be amazed if anybody else could remember this book.

I loved it, it was just a random present that I received one year.

But it was a crucial stepping stone in my love affair with thrillers.

The first James Hadley Chase book that I read was ‘There's a Hippie on the Highway'.

I loved it and consumed his books voraciously as a teenager … even though the covers were embarrassing!

If you take a look at my teenage thriller writing elsewhere on this site, you'll see how much my story titles were influenced by this author.

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It was Harlan Coben's ‘Tell No One' which brought me back to thrillers in a big way.

I'd stopped writing due to work, kids, life – you know the score – but when I discovered Harlan Coben it rekindled my love on psychological thrillers.

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Linwood Barclay books

Harlan Coben led me onto Linwood Barclay books, which I also love reading.

The books that I write feature ‘terrible things happening to ordinary people' and that's the kind of books Coben and Barclay write.

A more recent discovery for me are the books of Mark Edwards, and as well as following the same mantra (‘terrible things happening to ordinary people') he also includes a lot more about relationships, which I also like to incorporate in my own books.

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