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Don't Tell Meg Trilogy: Don't Tell Meg, The Murder Place & The Forgotten Children

Don't Tell Meg trilogy
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Burden of Guilt, One Fatal Error & Dead of Night

Thriller Box-Set 2
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Just Released! Who To Trust

Who To Trust
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Exclusive Paul J. Teague Thriller 7-Pack Omnibus

Seven psychological thrillers from author Paul Teague, including the entire Don't Tell Meg Trilogy PLUS four standalone stories.

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Don't Tell Meg: Two women. One night. So many deaths ...

When radio journalist Pete Bailey betrays his wife Meg on his fortieth birthday, he has no idea of the terrible consequences that will follow his infidelity.

His passionate relationship with Meg is on the rocks and they’re having no luck starting a family.

It’s only when he meets TV reporter Ellie Turner on a working weekend away from home that Pete succumbs to her charms in a moment of weakness.

His treacherous actions set off a chain of events fueled by jealousy, revenge, violence and hatred.

Five people will lose their lives as a result of Pete’s deception and he will be compelled to confront the ugly truth about his wife and his best friend, Jem.

He thought that nobody would ever discover what he’d done with Ellie … but he didn’t know who was listening in the room next door.

Don’t Tell Meg is the first part of trilogy of thrillers.

Please note that this book contains mild violence, bad language and sexual references.

The Murder Place: A missing wife. A former lover. A house that isn't yet done with death ...

Estranged from his wife and living on a caravan park, Pete Bailey thinks the worst is over.

Well away from the marital home where the murders took place, Pete is still hoping to hear from Meg and get a sale on a property that nobody wants to buy.

But the newspaper and TV reports haven't gone unnoticed and there are some new arrivals in the town.

Teaming up with his TV friend and former lover, Alex Kennedy, Pete goes in search of the truth about Meg and hurtles headlong into a tangled mess along the way.

The house where two men lost their lives is not yet done with the killing - and more people who are close to Pete must lose their lives before the secrets of Meg's past are revealed.

Pete will be brought to the edge of despair and risks losing everything in this non-stop, psychological thriller.

The Murder Place is the second part in the Don't Tell Meg trilogy.

Please note that this book contains mild violence, bad language and sexual references.

The Forgotten Children: A childhood poisoned by betrayal. A revenge that can wait no more ...

Things have gone from bad to worse for radio journalist, Pete Bailey.

Not only is he still estranged from his wife Meg, he has found himself living in rundown flat in Blackpool, rapidly running out of money and scraping by to make ends meet.

But the seaside resort holds the secrets of Meg's childhood years, which were poisoned by cruelty, betrayal and violence.

As Pete gets closer to the truth, the past comes back to haunt him as a killer seeks to right wrongs and destroy old enemies.

More lives will be lost and those closest to Pete will risk most of all.

But finally, after all the death and misery, the terrible truth will be revealed.

The Forgotten Children is the final part in the Don't Tell Meg trilogy.

Please note that this book contains mild violence, bad language and sexual references.

Dead of Night: A lonely road. A freak accident. A violent pursuit. Now they must try to stay alive until daylight ...

When Jack and Lucy hit a man in their car whilst driving through fog, they think it's just a random accident.

But when cars pull up and an armed manhunt begins, they know that they're running for their lives.

With a marriage that's on the rocks and a new baby who's driven a wedge between them, the couple are hanging on to their relationship by their fingertips.

But thrown into the deadly world of industrial espionage, they must fight to keep each other alive and rescue their child, whose life is in peril.

As Jack and Lucy hurtle towards the abyss they will find that the real enemy was among them all the time.

One Fatal Error: A millionaire's secret retreat. The chance of life-changing money. A man who's willing to risk everything to achieve his dreams ...

When Matt Dalton is shortlisted for funding by a world famous millionaire, he thinks his fortune is finally changing.

Having quit his job to follow his dreams, he and his childhood sweetheart Clare have their backs against the wall.

They stand to lose everything - the house, their marriage, their future.

When photos emerge of Matt's indiscretions, their relationship is put in jeopardy.

One weekend on Sebastian Helix's maritime fortress could change everything.

But when events take a terrible turn and they're trapped at sea, surrounded by killers, Matt begins to regret his actions.

He and Clare must fight for their lives as a leisurely weekend turns into the getaway from hell.

This fast-paced, action-packed book will keep you guessing until the final pages, because it's a wall-to-wall action-packed thriller.

Burden of Guilt: Five friends. A burned body. So many lies ...

Reeling from an abusive relationship, Katy Wild sells up her house, puts her belongings in storage and heads for the Scottish Highlands.

Leaving all of her troubles behind her, she sets off to explore the rural wilderness and figure out what to do with her life.

But Katy's problems have followed her out into the isolated hills where there's no place to hide.

Alone and unprotected, Katy must fight for her life against a predator who's come for his revenge.

She went out there to find herself. But danger found her first ...

Please note that this book contains mild violence, bad language and sexual references.

Who To Trust: Ten good friends. One small fortune. But who can she trust to keep it safe?

When Caitlen Brinkley discovers a small fortune hidden away on her computer hard drive, her biggest headache is how to keep it safe.

She entrusts her passwords to a group of good friends who'd do anything to help her - or so they claim.

Taking them to Benidorm as a thank you for their help, jealousy and resentment soon begin to fester and relationships become badly strained.

After a big bust up in one of the town bars, the friends all go their separate ways to lick their wounds.

But one of them has a plan to get their hands on Caitlen's fortune - and before the holiday is over, somebody will be murdered under the cross which overlooks the resort.

She thought they were the best friends in the world - but none of them could be trusted with her money.

Please note that this book contains mild violence, bad language and sexual references.

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